Klaudia Zusková

Klaudia Zusková

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”
Lao Tzu

About me

About me

The goal of my work is to improve the quality of life for different groups of people.

Professionally I primarily focus on a healthy and effective human behavior in a performance-oriented environment. I utilize a holistic integration of activities intertwined in both the working and nonworking environment. The basis is formed by salutogenetic approach, the pillars of which are: somato-mental (physical and mental) balance; seeking of behavioral factors and their reinforcement to move us toward health; and work with stressors as natural parts of our life.  In the area of sport the approach includes psychomotoric preparation.

I engage in the above activities in private practice and in academic environment.

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Through lectures, trainings an consultations for companies and individuals, media presentations, professional and scientific publications, I focus on the following themes (topics):

Quality of life and the development of personality

Sport psychology preparation

Movement as the primary human need: possibilities of modification of lifestyle with permanent effect

Social etiquete and business protocol


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